• I usually get up around 6-6:15 to get ready for work on Monday/Tuesday/Friday
  • This might sound weird but I usually don’t wash my face in the morning because it drys out my skin.
  • I try to think of what outfit I want to wear the day before so I can be somewhat prepared or I just wear outfits that I know go well together. My go-to outfit is usually something black lol.
  • Then I start doing my makeup. I’ve been keeping my makeup pretty simple these days because I’ve been breaking out pretty bad (haven’t been eating the best). Also putting foundation on my skin everyday makes it look really dry, so I stick to lightweight bb and cc creams.


+ bb cream + cc cream + mascara + blush + chapstick

-If I’m feeling extra I’ll apply:

+ black eyeliner + brighten the inner corner of my eye w/eyeshadow + a tad bit of bronzer + fill in my eyebrows

  • After that I’ll do my hair. My hair has a mind of its own, some days it’ll be really nice to me and other days it’ll be like try to fix me I dare you. Ugh such a struggle.
  • For jewelry I’ll usually put on my gold necklace and for earrings it depends on what hairstyle I have that day.
  • For breakfast I’ll grab a packet of oatmeal and eat it at work.
  • I grab my laptop, calendar, notebook and water bottle before I make a mad dash out the door.
  • I have to be at work on Monday/Tuesday/Friday at 6:45 and lets be honest I’m late sometimes.
  • Once I get to work we get all the machines ready for the day.


  • I work from 6:45-1
  • During that time I make lattes, frappes, iced coffee andddddd you get the idea I make a lot of coffee. When we’re not busy I work on my blog, talk to my coworkers and to our regulars, post things on Mochachinos Insta, scroll through Instagram, drink sweet tea because we have the best sweet tea at Mochachino, eat desserts from the bakery case that I shouldn’t be eating everyday because it’s not exactly healthy lol.


  • I’ll go home and eat lunch, watch a show while I eat and clean up a little around the house. After that I’ll either stay home or go to the coffee shop with MaryAnn.
  • If I go to the coffee shop, I’ll work on blogger things and she’ll work on photographer things. If I stay home I’ll also work on blog posts and then get distracted and start cleaning because there’s always something to do at home. Going to the coffee shop helps me to focus instead of getting distracted with all the things I need to get done at home.
  • After that I’ll make dinner. Peter usually comes home around 6:30. We’ll eat dinner, watch some Netflix and talk. 
  • Me and Peter love teasing each other so thats pretty much what we do all night haha our marriage is just a lot of teasing and laughing. 


Each day is a tad bit different but this is usually what it looks like on Monday/Wednesday/Friday for my morning shifts at work.

-Xoxo Sara 

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