Trip to Tulum, Mexico

The vacation we chose to go on this year was to Tulum, Mexico. In this post about Tulum I want to share with you guys the pros & cons, an estimate of how much we paid for this trip, what we did & where we stayed. Just letting you know the experiences we had there and how much we paid for this trip is our own experiences so if you chose to go, the cost would be different and you would have a different experience.

〈 What we did 〉

We were in for Tulum for 8 days. Each day we would try to do something different. The first day we flew there, checked in at the hotel and ate dinner by the beach. The second day we cruised and got the lay of the land. From there I kinda forgot exactly what we did on what day but we went swimming in the Gran Cenote, shopped, ate alottttt of food, boogied boarded, walked around town and just relaxed on the beach.

〈 Where we stayed 〉

We stayed at Live Tulum Hotel. I chose a hotel away from the beach just because it was hurricane season in August. I just wanted to be on the safe side but just letting you know there was no hurricane and still a ton of people on vacation. I really liked our hotel, we could walk out onto the porch and swim into the pool, it had the cutest kitchen and the whole place was just beautiful!

〈 The cost 〉

  • Hotel, flight & car was 2,145.
  • Around 800 to 900 dollars on activities, food, & miscellaneous.
  • So we spent an average 3,000 dollars for the whole trip.

I booked the hotel & flight on Expedia. I thought I had booked the car on Expedia but it turned out I just reserved it so when we got to Cancun we just rented a car from a different car rental for $245. You don’t have to book a car to get to Tulum, you can take a bus, taxis or your hotel will pick you up. The drive from Cancun to Tulum is about an hour & a half long.

〈 Pros & Cons 〉

Lets get the cons over with first⊗


  1. I thought the food would be cheaper here but by the tourist places its expensive. So we would eat in town some days instead of where the popular restaurants are.
  2. Only the tourist areas are nice & clean.
  3. It’s a hour & a half drive from Cancun to Tulum.


  1. The water is so clear.
  2. The people are really nice.
  3. The Cenotes are fun to swim in.
  4. The tourist area is beautiful.

The Weather∴

The weather here was great! Like all tropical places it was humid & warm. It rained Sunday & Monday  in the afternoon & a little on Tuesday . I enjoyed the rain it gives you a chance just to relax in a restaurant or at your hotel.


  1. Bring with bug spray there’s a lot of mosquitoes there.
  2. When flying back, you have to check in at the airport 1 hour before your flight leaves. Not get there one hour before but check in 1 hour before. We got there 40 minutes before the flight & they had to book us another flight because we didn’t check in a hour before.
  3. Buy all the things before you get there, like-shades, sandals, dresses, beach essentials, etc. Because all those things are expensive there.

My Favorite Restaurant∞

My favorite restaurant was the Mivida Tulum, it was so beautifully decorated & their homemade meatballs & bread where delicious! I went back there twice just to eat that.

Gran Cenote.

Swimming in the Gran Cenote.

Lunch by the beach. Mivida Tulum Restaurant.  width=
My favorite food out there, meatballs & toast.

Relaxing by the pool.

Exploring Tulum.

Me messing around while waiting for our food.

Salty hair♥

Exploring the Tulum ruins.

My fav food at Raw Love Tulum was the Raw key lime pie.Hope you enjoyed this post! Leave a comment down below if you have any questions.⇓

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