Remodeling Our Tiny Kitchen


The kitchen is finally the way I want it to be- simple, clean, minimalist. When we first started remodeling the house had NO kitchen at all. There was absolutely nothing, no sink, no oven, no counters. The floor was also torn out (thank goodness) because it was the type of floor that you just stick on and after walking on it for a while the corners would start coming off. Ya the worst floors in the world! Now we have a pretty faux light colored wooden floors.

So I decided to paint the kitchen white because ummmm it’s like my favorite color duh. In my opinion white kitchens look clean, put together and make a small kitchen feel bigger. Next step was a backsplash. Of course I choose a white subway tile. Subway tile is super cheap compared to all other tiles and it looks bomb in a kitchen so #winning.

I’ve always loved the way open shelves looked and the raw wood look instead of it being painted. I got cedar from our local lumber store and Peter put one above the oven and over the sink. I decorated a little bit and kept it simple and clean looking because in a tiny home things start feeling real claustrophobic if you over decorate.

Hope you enjoy seeing the before and afters of our tiny kitchen! 

-xoxo Sara


Video tour

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