Pros and Cons of Living in a Tiny Home

Hey Guys! So I thought it would be fun doing this post for anyone out there who is considering moving into a tiny house. My husband and I have been living in our tiny home for almost 4 years now. Living here has way more pros than cons butttt there are definitely some downsides to living in a small space. We only have one bedroom, which is pretty spacious. The kitchen/living room/laundry room are all in one space and we just have the one bathroom. To be honest when Peter first suggested remodeling this house I wasn’t really game. It wasn’t something I had imagined living in when we first got married. Now I absolutely LOVE living in here! It’s so adorable and I’ve remodeled most of the house to the way I want it to be. Tap here to see the post about remodeling our kitchen. So until further ado let’s get started.


+not a lot to clean

+electric bill is cheap

+walking to the bathroom takes like 5 seconds 

+me and Peter are always close to each other 

+makes you be a minimalist 

+makes you become an organized person 

+remodeling isn’t that expensive 

+ummm its adorable 

+I can watch tv from the living room and do dishes at the SAME time 

+Peter can’t hide from me 

+decorating is pretty easy

+it’s super cozy


+can’t really have a lot of people over (it gets really crowded)

+not a lot of kitchen space

+no dishwasher ( I HATE dishes, our future home WILL have a dishwasher)

+I can’t hide from Peter

+everything gets messier faster

+not a lot of storage

If you have any questions about living in a tiny home, leave a comment down below.- xoxo Sara

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