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Soooo here’s my first makeup blog post! I just wanted to share with ya’ll what I wear pretty much everyday & makeup that’s better for your skin than all those toxic ones. Why I wear organic/natural makeup? I’ve had acne for a very long time & I tried everything to get ride of it from Proactiv ( the worst thing for your skin), acne pills, & drugstore products. I’ll talk more about my history of products that I used & what I experienced & learned about acne in a different blog post, sooo back to makeup. I still cringe when I think of all the toxic makeups that I put on back than. Around 18 I started to learn more about healthy living so from there I slowly stared to learn what makeup is best for my skin & what makeup works best. I mostly use 100% pure products, they only use the ingredients from plants. I also use 2 things from Zuzu. My face has improved sooo much since back than, from eating healthy & using non toxic chemicals on my face. I have freckles on my face & acne scars plus large pores which isn’t a good combination, so the makeup down below works so great on my skin type. Just letting y’all know everyone’s skin is different so what works with me maybe won’t work with your skin. So check out what I use done below!

Foundation– I use 100% pure 2nd skin foundation. It works so well with my skin the only downside is when you first put it on it makes your skin look dry but after like 10-20 minutes it looks great! I think the foundation just needs to settle into my skin. I would only recommend using this foundation in the summer because in the winter everyones skin is dryer .What also helps alotttt with the dryness is my toner (down below I explain more about the toner I use). I always apply the toner before I put my makeup on than sometimes after to give my skin extra hydration.

Concealer– I always go back to using this concealer because it covers really good. I’ve tried using the 100% pure concealer but it doesn’t cover enough for me. I use Zuzu Luxe color C-7. I buy this one from Natural Grocers in Lubbock,Tx.

BlushAbsolutely in love with my 100% pure blush! This blush is by far the best blush I’ve every bought. It goes on so well, plus it a beautiful light pink color which matches perfectly with my skin. The blush came in a palette (picture is below & its called Mermaid) with luminescent powder & 3 eyeshadows. I don’t use the eyeshadows to often but I do use the luminsecent powder and blush all the time.  

Mascara– So my mascara is made out of chocolate…….How cool is that! I’ve used this mascara for a long time now & I highly recommend it. It keeps my lashes healthy & has great ingredients in it compared to the toxic ones. I’ve also used the majacra oil mascara but its harder to take off but if your looking for a waterproof one this one would work for it even tho its not waterproof because it stays on really good.

Eyebrow Filler– Best.Eyebrow.Filler.Ever. from 100 percent pure. I don’t put a lot of it on because I already have pretty decent eyebrows but this one matches my eyebrows perfectly!

Eyeliner This ones from Zuzu Luxe too. I’ve been using this one for maybe 1 year now & it works great for a cat-eye or just simple line.

Lipstick– I haven’t bought a lot of lipsticks from 100% pure yet. I have only the one matte lipstick that I’m wearing on the top picture. Love the color and that it’s a matte lipstick.

Toner– I can’t explain how much of a difference this toner has been on my skin. It hydrates my skin so much I hardly have to put any oil or moisturizer on my skin anymore. I’ve also noticed its tightened my pores which I love because I have big pores. I use the rose petal one & I get it from Natural Grocers but I put a link down below for the same product but from Thayer’s. I put mine in a spray bottle so I can just spray it on my face & carry it in my purse if I need to rehydrate my skin throughout the day. The spray bottles from Natural Grocers too.

Moisturizing oil I just use this oil now if I have a dry patch of skin healing from a pimple or my skin overall is super dry. My t-zone area gets super oily throughout the day so I don’t like using anything heavy like coconut oil or Jojoba oil instead I use this rosehip oil because it’s a dry oil. Make sure when you buy any kind of oil that it’s cold pressed & organic. The bottle I have now is not my favorite but I did link my favorite one down below but you can also buy it at Natural Grocers.

Thats pretty much all I use on normal days. I have links down below for all the products I use! If you have any questions just leave a comment down below! Thanks! Hope you enjoyed this post! *This post is not sponsored*






Eyebrow Filler





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