Girls Weekend Getaway to Magnolia Market

I went to Waco, Tx this summer with my friends Maryann and Annie for a fun weekend getaway exploring Magnolia Market and Waco. We decided that one whole Saturday was plenty of time to do what we had planned. We drove to Waco Friday evening. Bright and early Saturday morning we headed out to Magnolia Bakery for their delicious cupcakes. Yes we had cupcakes for breakfast. Yes it was worth waiting in line an hour for the cupcakes. I had a Lemon-Lavender cupcake, I know it sounds like a strange combination of flavors but personally lemon and lavender are the perfect combo. Next we headed to the Market which was right beside the Bakery. Joanna Gaines had beautiful home decor but the farmhouse style isn’t my cup of tea, so I didn’t buy anything in there for my home. If you love farmhouse decor that place would be a dream for you. Than we found the local Farmer’s Market and treated ourself’s to some refreshing kombacha and cold pressed juice from local vendors. I wish we had a local Farmer’s Market here in Seminole every week. Sadly we weren’t able to eat at Magnolia Table because there were crazy people waiting to get in since 8 in the morning………it opens at 11 a.m. , we weren’t that desperate to get in. So we snapped a few pic’s outside and went on our way to find a restaurant that wasn’t going to take 3-4 hours to get into to. The most relaxing part of our day was sitting on the balcony of Dichotomy Coffee and Spirits. We just sat up there and chatted about random things. Just letting you know the stairs to the balcony are a little steep sooo maybe opt out of wearing heels lol. It was time to head home, on the way back we stopped by a beautiful flower filled field. The sunlight was just right, so we were able to get some really pretty shots. Overall the trip was a success, it was a perfect place to do a girls weekend getaway. Just letting you guys know that since Magnolia Market and everything there was so hyped up in social media I expected more from it. Don’t get me wrong it was beautifully designed and worth going for a girls trip. But honestly you could see everything in one day so personally I would do no more than 1-2 days there. That’s just my opinion about it, who knows maybe it’s different for others. Well that sums up my trip, if you guys have any questions about Waco or Magnolia Market just leave a comment down below! Hope you enjoyed reading about my experience going there! Have a blessed day!-Sara ReimerMy dress is from Target.

Some photos were taken by my sweet friend Maryann! And the editing was by me. Check out her Instagram for more awesome picture’s!

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