Favorite Green Smoothie

If you’ve been following me for a while now than you know that I’ve been posting my favorite green smoothie in my Instagram stories…..a lot lol. I thought it was about time I put the recipe on my blog for you guys. This is by far the simplest smoothie I have ever made. I buy all the ingredients for this smoothie at Costco. Buying everything in bulk is a big money saver. I do buy organic ingredients, but that’s up to you because it is a little pricey. Hope you enjoy this smoothie as much as I do!

Basic Green Smoothie Recipe

2 cups organic spinach (press the spinach into the cup)

3/4 cup of organic orange juice

11 frozen strawberries


1/2 pack of super orange Emergen-C

I like to add this in to my smoothie to help my immune system fight against any sickness right now for Fall and Winter.


Blend the spinach, orange juice, frozen strawberries together. You can add half of the Emergen-C to it but it’s optional. Pour it in a cute cup and Enjoy!

Outfit details

White Shirt- Oldnavy

Workout Pants- Fabletics

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