DIY Modern Art

I’m all about saving money when it comes to home decorations. When I buy something it’s usually on the clearance rack, I will rarely buy something full price. Lately I’ve been loving the line art that sometimes just look’s like scribbles, so instead of spending $$ on one art piece I decided I could accomplish that myself…….even though I can only draw stick figures. So if I can achieve this DIY so can you.

What you’ll need.

Board– Any kind of board that’s not your style anymore or you can buy one. Preferably that has a flat surface.

Sandpaper– not to coarse or it’ll leave deep scratch marks on whatever your using.

White paint & mini roller with paint pan – I always have white paint ready to use at home so I didn’t have to go out and buy more.

Black Sharpies

Paper & pencil- to practice on first.

Pinterest – Look up what kind of art you want or you can do the same one I did. I found mine on Pinterest, just type in Line Art. *These are not my designs.

First Step-That green color was just not working for me anymore. I took off the lettering and sanded it. Wiped off the dust from sanding and started painting it with a mini roller. I did three coats of white paint on this green board.

Next Step– Practice on blank papers until you get it close to your chosen art. After that draw on your board with a pencil. Then trace over it with a black sharpie and let it dry. If you mess up you can always sand it and apply another coat of paint. Now you have a new art piece without having to spend all the $$.

Hope you liked this little DIY! If you have any questions just leave them down below.

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