My 3 Tips for Clearer Skin


↑ No makeup and of course I still have me flaws but my skin has improved so much. ↑

Hey! Time for me to share my skin secrets with you guys! Before I share my tips I just want to tell you my skin is far from perfect. I’ve struggled with acne since I was 11 years old, so I’ve got a little bit of knowledge on how to help clear up acne. I had everything from, red swollen skin, acne, dark spots, big pores, uneven skin tone the whole enchilada. Yes, hormones had a little something to do with acne but what caused most of my acne was an unhealthy lifestyle. I would drink cocoa-cola, eat dairy and a bunch of  processed foods and no veggies. I had the worst eating habits. On top of that I started to cover up my acne with heavy foundation from drugstores for years, never thinking of all the chemicals in them. As I grew older the more I wanted to get rid of my acne. I was so self-conscious and was made fun of a lot because of how bad it was. So I decided to change that. Not having to worry anymore if I had a bunch of yellow pimples on my face, so when I turned 18 I had already done a BUNCH of research and finally decided tip #1 would work for sure, because I had already tried all the chemical products, pills, and creams. Fast forward 12 years and A LOT of praying and my skin has changed soooo much. Like I said it’s not perfect and I still have mild acne but I am sooo HAPPY with how it is now compared to back then. A lot of my acne scars have gone away, I still have pimples but not nearly as much, my pores how got a lot smaller, and my skin isn’t red and irritated anymore. Now that I shared a little about my past expreciances we can start on my tips. All of my tips might not help clear up your skin, since everyone has different skin types, but I know for a fact tip #1 will! Before we start let me just say you have to give these tips TIME, my acne didn’t clear up by doing these things for one week. It takes time and it’s worth waiting a while to have better skin. Ok, let’s get started!↓


Tip #1.  Healthy Food Habits

Having healthy food habits is key for clear skin. Think about it….. what you ingest is how your body functions, it need’s nutrition to support your body, skin, and hair. If your eating veggies, nuts, fruits, protein and drinking plenty of water your skin will be hydrated and will have all the vitamins it needs. I try to add all those things to my snacks and meals but I still eat unhealthy to. Today for lunch I had pizza which is not great for my skin and the previous day I had a healthy dinner and snacks. So you could say I’m 80% healthy and 20% unhealthy haha. Let’s say I was 100% healthy, my skin would be amazing but I’m not perfect. So don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon and eat some Oreo’s, just make sure you keep trying and you’re making progress on having a healthier lifestyle. I didn’t go from eating bad one day and the next changing all of my eating habits. It happened slowly  for me because it is hard changing your whole lifestyle to eating healthy. So recap- eat more veggies, fruit, nuts, protein, and drink plenty of water. That is my best tip.


Tip #2.   Cut Out Dariy

I know this is a hard one and you’re like no way Sara. So before you hate on me let me tell you a little story. Once A Upon Time….. Just kidding this isn’t a fairytale. You know how I said I did a lot of research on how to help clear up my acne and a lot of people said to cut out dairy, well I tested it out and had no dairy (mostly no dairy lol) for a while and I saw such a big difference. Remember to try not having dairy for at least a 2-4 weeks because your skin needs to process out the dairy you’d been having for a while. If you see a difference then you know that dairy is not your best friend. If I have just a little bit of dairy I’ll breakout a little but if I continue to have dairy my acne just gets worse.


Tip #3.  Use Clean Products

What I mean by clean products is that they have no harsh chemicals that damage your skin. The most important part of your products should be the ingredient list. Read what your foundation, lotion, moisturizer, etc. has in it. You need to be able to read the list of ingredients and if you don’t understand them like I did when I first wanted to find out what I was putting on my skin I googled them. You want natural/organic ingredients, not some man made chemicals. Think about it, God created this amazing body that can heal itself and get rid of toxins. Well my body gets rid of some toxins through my skin so why would I want to clog my pores with more toxins while it’s trying to detoxify. Real ingredients helped heal my acne scars. Give it a try and go for more clean products.


I hope this little bit of information helps you in some way with your skin. I also want to say this is my acne experience and I know it’s different for everyone. Thank you so much for reading this! If you have any questions about today’s tips just leave a comment or message me on Instagram! Have a blessed day! -Sara



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